Omanhene Chocolate at the Golden Globes

Omanhene is pleased to report that this year’s Golden Globe attendees will be getting fantastic apricot compote and chocolate confections crafted by Prima Dolce, using Omanhene Chocolate.

Here is a sneak peak at the package the Golden Globe attendees will be receiving…


More information to follow.

One thought on “Omanhene Chocolate at the Golden Globes

  1. Susan Rowley

    Steve, my husband and I are in the process of developing an adult AFS trip to Ghana next July. We’ve been in contact with Kwame, been very impressed, and have expressed the desire to get a first hand review of your work there with Omanhene. Any chance that you might be in Ghana in July (last 2 weeks) 2014? Would love to see you again–especially in this connection.

    Just to explain our “connection”, we’ve both (Dave & I) been involved in AFS for 50+ years. I think our first meeting with you was at a Regional Conference meeting in Minneapolis–but it could have been in relation to the AFS Board….

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