Welcome Greg Jennings! Announcing the Jennings/Omanhene Scholarships

(Milwaukee, WI), September, 2012 — When Milwaukee-born Steve Wallace studied abroad in Ghana as a high school student, it changed his life forever. Growing up in Kalamazoo, NFL All-Pro wide receiver Greg Jennings wasn’t as fortunate to study abroad, but always wished he had been given the opportunity.

Steve Wallace and Greg Jennings wearing AFS t-shirts.

Steve Wallace and Greg Jennings

Now the two are joining forces to provide study abroad scholarships to underserved youth through AFS, a nonprofit leader in international high school student exchange.

“I am very proud that the Greg Jennings Foundation will work with Omanhene, a Midwest-based company that produces cocoa and chocolate entirely on the African continent and does such good work around the world,” Jennings said. Our Foundation is about empowering young people to BE GREAT in whatever they choose, and this scholarship program will award scholarships to outstanding young people and change their lives in the way that no other experience can.”

Greg Jennings holding tin of Omanhene Hot Cocoa Mix

Greg Jennings holding tin of Omanhene Hot Cocoa Mix

The Jennings/Omanhene Faces of America scholarship program is made possible with local support from the AFS Foundation of Greater Milwaukee and Lake Valley Camp, a nonprofit organization that serves youth living in Milwaukee’s most underserved communities. Jennings and Wallace will raise scholarship funds through a variety of activities including a percentage of sales through Omanhene’s website.

AFS USA Faces of America provides high achieving students from low-income families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad. By partnering with community-based organizations and individuals, FoA has already awarded study abroad scholarships to more than 780 outstanding teenage scholars.


About The Greg Jennings Foundation

The Greg Jennings Foundation


The Greg Jennings Foundation strives to partner with and assist other organizations in educating youth by providing the necessary resources in order for them to reach their academic potential.


About The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company

Omanhene Logo

The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company. www.omanhene.com

Omanhene pioneered the marketing of single-bean, bean-to-bar chocolate and cocoa products manufactured entirely on the African continent; Omanhene produces its products in Ghana, West Africa, the world’s premier cocoa-growing country.  Steven Wallace, himself a high school foreign exchange student, studied in Ghana on an AFS scholarship in 1978 and founded Omanhene in 1991.  Wallace is featured in Georgia Pellegrini’s book “Food Heroes” and in Orla Ryan’s book “Chocolate Nations”.  Wallace speaks before many student groups from kindergarteners to MBAs and is passionate about extending international educational opportunities to young Americans believing it teaches skills integral to 21st century success. For more information: www.omanhene.com.


AFS Logo

AFS International Student Exchange Program


AFS USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a leader in intercultural learning offering international exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world, AFS has a 65 year history of exchanging students throughout the world with an exemplary record of safety, security, and service to students, parents, and educators (www.afsusa.org).

About Lake Valley Camp

Lake Valley Camp

Lake Valley Camp


Lake Valley Camp’s mission is to develop the abilities of high school students and young adults from Milwaukee’s underserved neighborhoods to teach, lead and inspire children from the same neighborhoods.  Participants enter the program at age seven and continue through high-school and beyond when they are employed by the organization.  Participants develop life skills and social and emotional intelligence at each stage of their journey.  Older participants benefit from leadership and college preparatory programs as well as hands-on teaching experiences within the organization.  Lake Valley Camp is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  For more information: (www.lakevalleycamp.org).