What does “Omanhene” mean?

The word “Omanhene” comes from the Twi language in Ghana.  Twi is the language spoken by the majority of the Akan people who live in the middle of the country.  The traditional capital of the Akan is the city of Kumasi.  In Ghana, the local chief is the traditional authority at the village level.  As you move up the hierarchy, there are regional chiefs, provincial chiefs and at the very top of the line of authority sits (literally sits upon a royal stool) the “Omanhene” or paramount chief or king.  The term is an honorific title bestowed upon the paramount king who, to this day, remains a potent symbol of moral and ethical authority in Ghana.

Re-Defining Value

More Flavor to Savor

Re-defining value

Our single origin cocoa products offer a compelling freshness advantage, employ the simplest and cleanest ingredients and are produced using our “beyond fair trade” business model. Surely, our cocoa powders cost substantially more than competition, right?

Actually they don’t.

Because our premium beans have superior flavor and most significantly, because our hot cocoa mix contains more cocoa powder (and less sugar per serving) than your everyday hot cocoas, you actually use less Omanhene Hot Cocoa Mix per serving than you do with other brands — and you get a superior chocolate flavor profile. Many customers report that they use 50% less Omanhene hot cocoa mix than other brands because our flavor is so concentrated. Because you use less product, you save money.

That’s how Omanhene re-defines value.

Re-Imagining Relationships

Truth builds trust. Our business is built on relationships. Your success is our success.

For most of history, the economic relationship between buyer and seller could be distilled into a merciless zero-sum game. The supplier wants to sell at the highest possible price and the buyer wants to acquire as cheaply as possible. Fair enough, if the parties have equal bargaining power. But in many countries, unequal market knowledge and access to customers can result in ruthless exploitation whereby offshore multinationals set the price for commodity goods grown in other countries.

What if there were another way of doing business — where buyer and seller took better account of each other and valued longevity?

Omanhene was conceived on the basis of creating economic wealth throughout the food chain by establishing long-term relationships. We envision a world where a cocoa-growing country like Ghana might enjoy some of the benefits realized by moving up the cocoa value chain. This means adding more value to the product in Africa. After all, if cocoa prices fall and cocoa farmers abandon their crops and decide to grow yams, for example, Omanhene would soon be out of business. It’s simple; we follow the Golden Rule.

The same regard is extended to our customers, whom we consider long-term partners in our success. Several of our largest customers have been with Omanhene since inception, nearly three decades and counting. We’ve never understood people who behave badly in commerce and excuse their actions with the comment that “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” Business is always personal (it involves people after all). Let us show you how Omanhene helps you increase profits, impress your patrons, and bring some pleasure to your workday.

We’re a family business. No venture capitalist backs Omanhene. No hedge fund is looking for a quick exit. Key employees have been with us for years. You won’t find offshore call centers at Omanhene. Pick up the phone and leave a message for our president. He usually calls you back the same day. Character counts.