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What does “Omanhene” mean?

The word “Omanhene” comes from the Twi language in Ghana.  Twi is the language spoken by the majority of the Akan people who live in the middle of the country.  The traditional capital of the Akan is the city of Kumasi.  In Ghana, the local chief is the traditional authority at the village level.  As you move up the hierarchy, there are regional chiefs, provincial chiefs and at the very top of the line of authority sits (literally sits upon a royal stool) the “Omanhene” or paramount chief or king.  The term is an honorific title bestowed upon the paramount king who, to this day, remains a potent symbol of moral and ethical authority in Ghana.

Omanhene Dark Milk Chocolate Made without Slave Labor

Recent newspaper articles allege the use of slave labor to harvest cocoa beans in the Ivory Coast. “The only way to assure a chocolate bar is made without slave labor is to make sure the chocolate is not made from cocoa beans grown in countries such as the Ivory Coast where slave labor has been documented in the harvesting of cocoa beans,” reports Steven Wallace, President of The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company. Continue reading